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Giving & Finance

Giving to God is a privilege and a pleasure! We don't want to stop anyone from giving but there are some important principles to bear in mind:

Grace not Law – it is very easy to become legalistic in giving, just as it is with all our relationship with God. However, we no longer live under the law provisions of the Old Testament for giving and so we don't need to be limited by them now. It is easy to see a tithe or 1/10th of our income as the minimum we can get away with but love does not work like that. God is much more interested in our heart and our attitude than he is in the amount that we give.

Responsibilities: Many people in the life of our fellowship are supporting families, churches and others overseas, this can make huge demands on limited resources, we like to see our giving in a holistic way, considering all the demands made on us. Having said all that, giving to God via the church or elsewhere is also a legitimate demand on our resources.

It is not about the Money: Money is only a way of working out what we value in life. There are other ways to give! Time is even more precious than money, it is possible to make more money but no-one can make more time. There are a hundred and one ways that you can give your time in church mission and ministry please ask if you would like more details. We have all been given skills, talents and abilities, your combination are unique, again these can be given to church mission and ministry.

Whose Money? We do encourage people to give of the money they earn or receive, however, we don't encourage people to give if they have unmanageable debts. We would love to use your money but not the banks money! If you would like help in managing your debts or they are of a concern to you, please ask for more information, this will be dealt with confidentially and in partnership with CAP Christians Against Poverty.

What about the rest? God is interested in what we give; the Old Testament gives many rules and suggestions. Often quoted is the Tithe or 10% but there were many other offerings; first fruits, guilt offering, fellowship offering etc. God gives us the ability to earn and he is interested in all that we do with it; what we give, what we save, how we spend what we spend!

As a charity we are able to reclaim your income tax back and so make your gift go further. All that is needed is to complete a simple form which we will send you if you click here​. It makes a huge difference to us, it increases your gift from £1.00 to £1.25 and last year this came to almost £18,000. We can only claim tax back if you are paying UK tax.

The way a Baptist Church runs means that we are responsible for our own expenses, there is no central fund to pay for staff, bills or the upkeep of buildings, we have to manage our own resources. This is a significant challenge but through the generosity of God's people we have managed.

If you would like to give to the work of the church, please use the buttons below.

If you want to look at the details, our accounts each year are posted on the Charity Commission Website here: our charity number is: 1143988

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