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About Us

Jesus encouraged us to pray that his kingdom might come on earth just as it is in heaven. Our purpose is to encourage the building of his kingdom. This means that although we are passionate about Westbourne Park Baptist Church we also see value in other local churches and will look to work with, encourage and support them.

We see our locality of Westbourne Park as significant. It has history, the church here was a significant preaching centre in Victorian times and today we are a connecting place for different types of communities. In some ways very privileged to the south and to the north more challenging but both communities have needs and can learn from each other and even support each other. We believe we are in unique position to facilitate this God given ministry of reconciling groups to each other.

Gathered together or spread around London and beyond, our task is the same, to build God's kingdom by Loving God himself and Loving People.

Loving God and Loving People are required; not one or the other. If we don't Love God we have no purpose for Loving People and no power for loving those we naturally find difficult to love. If we don't Love People and seek only to Love God then we may give the impression that we are full but we are as empty as a clashing cymbal.

Love is shown in both words and actions and in our thoughts and habits and choices. Every aspect of our lives belong to God and so is an opportunity to show our love to him and to the people he has made.​

We work with other Groups and organisations and you can find their details here.

Our Core Leaders:

Looking after the Pastoral and Spiritual direction of the church we have 4 Core Leaders (Elders).   

Our Senior Pastor role is currently vacant following the death of our Pastor Jem Sewell

Stuart Elmes

Senior Pastor

Nov 83 reunion (2).jpg

 Assistant Pastor

Abena Boateng


Ken     Asiedu


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