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Members' Meetings

The responsibility for the Spiritual and Organisational life of a Baptist church rests with those who are committed to the local congregation, we call them "Members". Anyone can worship with us and join in our Small Groups and church life generally but we want our Membership to be committed to what we believe God is calling us to do here.

We look to work that out in our Members Meetings, it is here that we pray, talk and decide. Sometimes these things are big and complex, things like; Vision, Building projects, Staffing and budgets. Sometimes we work on smaller simpler things like local partnerships, Mission partners, websites and sometimes we have to work on some mundane stuff that is required because we want to run a charity well and we are a mixed group of people who always need to work hard at communicating with each other.

Our meetings are open to anyone who is interested and you are welcome to contribute to the discussion but only members are allowed to vote on the decisions. The meetings take place on Sundays after our worship services from about 1.15 until 2.45. 

  • Sunday 12th May 2024
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