What a Sunday Service Looks Like...

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It might be your first time in a church or your first time to Westbourne Park Baptist Church but as churches vary a lot, what might you expect to see or to happen at our worship service?

The service starts at 11.00am on Sunday, as a highly international group we have a variety of attitudes to time keeping… We usually start with a time of singing, which means it is easy to slip in if you are a bit late (rest assured you won't be the only one!) The words to the songs are projected onto a screen so you don't need books or song sheets. We usually sing, but prayer and some readings from the bible are usual. Most people stand for this time although of course it is OK to sit or kneel if you prefer.

After this part of our service we usually have an offering which is intended for regular members of the congregation, a bag is passed around but many people give in other ways so many simply pass the bag by. It is a real privilege to be able to give and so if you wish to, please feel free to do so. If you want to know more about giving or the church finances please see here.

There is usually a bit of a break at this time, notices are given, birthdays recognised and the children and youth leave for their own sessions. We might well then focus on one area of church life or ministry for information and prayer.

We will look at a passage in the bible together and usually our senior Pastor Jem will speak explaining and applying the passage to our everyday lives.

At every service we have an opportunity to be prayed for; this might be for something specific you are facing or concerns you have. There are also some light refreshments afterwards and time to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

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