On a Sunday morning at our worship service it can be difficult to get to know people. There seems to be lots of people and they all appear to know each other so well! The reality is that we have visitors every week and we all find it hard to remember people's names from one week to the next!

So we strongly encourage everyone to link into one of a number of small groups that meet regularly. Because people are so varied, the groups are too but there are some common features:

Smaller - The groups are smaller: Usually around half a dozen people each week but if everyone turned up then it might be 12-15. With fewer people it is easier to remember names and to build friendships of trust.

Study – Study might sound a bit off putting or it might light your fire! Each week some notes are available that take the Sunday talk or sermon on a bit, it can stand alone if you were not able to be there on Sunday. Many people have these notes e-mailed to them weekly so that if they are travelling or away they can still feel part of the group (fill the form in below if you want to be added to the mailing list). Some groups decide they wish to explore a particular topic or issue or part of the bible for a bit and they will agree to do that together. There are opportunities for worship and prayer too.

Support – Our Small Groups are a great place to give and receive support. If Sunday runs smoothly it can be hard to see where our own gifts fit into church life as a whole. Fellowship groups are a great place to explore what your gifts are and to practice using them. When we face challenges it is much easier talking to those you know and our friends are often the first to show practical care and concern too.

Sometimes it is easier to start coming to a small group than it is launching into a Sunday Morning with 130 people doing unfamiliar things… we are cool with that. Some of those who attend Fellowship Groups don't come on a Sunday maybe because they are committed to another fellowship but find nurture and support in one of our groups and we are cool with that too.​

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